• Tahsin Çolak

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2018;28(3):0-0

Esteemed colleagues,

We have left a long and languorous summer behind us. Nevertheless, there was no decline of interest in our journal. This not only pleases us greatly, but is also an important indication of how far our journal has come in a short period of time and the confidence that our colleagues have in the journal.

In this issue we are publishing a very important review comparing laparoscopic and robotic surgery, written by Emre Görgün from the Cleveland Clinic, which I hope you will read with great interest.

In addition, in this issue we present four interesting research articles. One of these studies attempts to answer the still unsettled question of whether a stoma should be made after low anterior resection and under what circumstances they should be applied, while another study examines experiences concerning sexually transmitted diseases which have recently become more prevalent in society. Another article presents a single-center experience with management of anal stenosis, which occurs in some cases after hemorrhoidectomy and plagues both surgeons and patients. Finally, we have an article on the factors leading to anastomotic leaks in colorectal surgery. I believe the articles we have selected are interesting and provide practical guidance, and I hope you agree. Furthermore, we have included a variety of case reports, which are ever popular in our country. For this issue, we have selected four interesting cases. I hope you will read them with pleasure.

As our journal is the official publication of the TSCRS, I would like to remind you that the society continues to conduct extensive scientific activities and events. These are announced regularly and can be followed at www.tkrcd.org.tr. In addition, I would also like to remind you of the approaching autumn Symposium for Colorectal Surgeries (9-11 November 2018). I recommend you not miss this symposium, the theme of which is “New Horizons in Colorectal Surgery”.

Best regards until the next issue...

Tahsin Çolak, MD