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Robotik Kolon Cerrahisi

  • Taner Yiğit
  • Orhan Kozak
  • Sadettin Çetiner
  • Turgut Tufan

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2007;17(3):112-120

Laparoscopic surgery has been shown to offer a number of advantages over conventional open surgery. Just before the laparoscopic surgery become a gold standard for cholecystectomy, it then remains to be asked why this technique, which offers so many potential benefits to patients, has not become the standard practice in colorectal surgery. Some limitations of conventional laparoscopy such as lack of three dimensional view, limited movement of surgical instruments and tremors created from human controlled camera systems have slowed down the usage of minimal invasive surgery. These limitations were eliminated by utilization of the robotic system in laparoscopic surgery. Although it was shown in the literature that the complex colorectal procedures could be performed easily by the assistance of the robotic systems, there are many limitations of the utilization of the robotic surgery in such as increased operation cost, long and time consuming learning curve and difficult accessibility of this systems. By introducing and utilization of the cheapest, compact and easily accessible robotic systems and the effect of increased experience in robotic colorectal surgery, the contribution of the telemanipülatör systems to minimal invasive colorectal surgery will increase day by day.

Keywords: Robotic surgery, colorectal surgery, laparoscopy