Case Report

Single Incision Laparoscopic Appendectomy: Our Initial Experience

  • Hüseyin Sinan
  • Mehmet Saydam
  • Muharrem Öztaş
  • Mustafa Tahir Özer
  • Sezai Demirbaş

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2013;23(3):142-146

Acute appendicitis is one of the most common entity in general surgery practice. Laparoscopic surgery is performed to heal acute appendicitis in terms of some advantages by surgeons such as cosmesis, lower postoperative pain. Single incision laparoscopic surgery is one step beyond of laparoscopic surgery. Breakthroughs on technology forces to utilize new techniques to professionals. Single incision or port technique is one of these novelties. The last studies show that single port or single incision laparoscopic appendectomy has some superiorities to laparoscopic or open appendectomy. We wanted to share our initial experience on single incision laparoscopic appendectomy.

Keywords: Appendectomy, Laparoscopy, Minimally invasive surgical procedures, Cosmetic, Trocar