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Volume: 28 Issue: 4 (2018)
Turk J Colorectal Dis : 28 (2)
Volume: 28  Issue: 2 - 2018
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5.Decision Making in Surgical Oncology
Metin Yalaza, Özgür Akgül
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.87094  Pages 48 - 53

6.Aesculus Hippocastanum (Aescin, Horse Chestnut) in the Management of Hemorrhoidal Disease: Review
Fikret Ezberci, Ethem Ünal
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.16442  Pages 54 - 57

7.Anal Sphincteroplasty and Counter-Clockwise Gracilis Muscle Transposition by Using Transperineal Ischioanal Fossa Access in a Male Patient with Fecal Incontinence Who Undergone to Low Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer
Ali Naki Yücesoy, Mehmet Çağlıkülekçi, Emre Sivrikoz
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.00922  Pages 58 - 60

8.Predictive Factors for the Development of Surgical Site Infection After Colorectal Cancer Surgery
Oğuz Uğur Aydın, Lütfi Soylu
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.78055  Pages 61 - 68

9.Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Dysfunction and Quality of Life in Patients with Ileostomy or Colostomy
Kader Bahayi, Wafi Attaallah, Samet Yardımcı, Huseyin Bulut, Eylem Özten
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.87369  Pages 69 - 75

10.Blood Group Characteristics in Colorectal Cancers
Şahin Kahramanca, Turgut Anuk, Ali Cihat Yıldırım, Oskay Kaya
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.00378  Pages 76 - 79

11.Determination of Cancer Risk Perceptions and Health Beliefs of First-Degree Relatives of Patients Who Were Operated with Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis
Bediye Öztaş, Emine İyigün, Sevinç Taştan, Mehmet Fatih Can, Muharrem Öztaş
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.01069  Pages 80 - 87

12.Comparison of the Protective Effects of Calendula officinalis Extract and Hyaluronic Acid Anti-adhesion Barrier against Postoperative Intestinal Adhesion Formation in Rats
Arif Emre, Mehmet Sertkaya, Ali İşler, Abdulkadir Yasir Bahar, Ahmet Necati Şanlı, Ali Özkömeç, Muhammed Ali Işık, İlhami Taner Kale, Ozan Andaç Erbil
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.87059  Pages 88 - 94

13.Episiotomy-Related Perineal Injury During Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery
Mehmet Patmano, Durmuş Ali Çetin, Tufan Gümüş, Yusuf Yavuz, Sümeyra Yıldırım
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.79847  Pages 95 - 98

14.Left-Sided Colonic Obstruction Due to Brid Ileus and Coexisting Right Colon Cancer without Palpable Mass
Kemal Beksaç, Mehmet Akif Üstüner, Bahadır Çetin
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.90377  Pages 99 - 101

15.Adult Intussusception Caused by Cecal Lymphangioma: A Case Report
Ecem Memişoğlu
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.44712  Pages 102 - 104

16.A Rare Case of Anorectal Abscess due to Foreign Ingested Foreing Body
Hakan Eroğlu, Tuğçe Çalt, Mahmut Serkan Sarıkaya, Resul Kuzu, Murat Başbuğ, Hayrullah Derici
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.30316  Pages 105 - 107

17.Multiple Primary Malignant Neoplasms in the Presence of Concomitant Chilaiditi Syndrome
Ali Ezer, Alper Parlakgümüş
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.92679  Pages 108 - 110

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